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Celebration and Appreciation
Sunday. 3.18.07 5:28 pm
Preflection/Reflection: There is lots of things we need to celebrate. In class we came up with lots of things off the top of our heads that were worth appreciating and celebrating. Most of those things were not things we take for granted, but if we had more time to think of things to write down we would have come up with more ideas. I appreciate so many things, but i think the things i appreciate most are my family and friends. I have been through lots of hard times in the past year and a half with friends that have been hurtful, and what not. But that has given me a good chance to see who my real friends are and really appreciate them. For the people that just dont care enough to patch things up with me when we get in a fight, its better they are out of my life. I try to keep only positive influences in my life and when someone comes along and brings me too much hurt, I need to let them go no matter how much more hurt that will bring me. But i know that it will be better in a few weeks becuase i wont have to worry about them hurting me anymore. I think i celebrate my family quite often. We are always going out for coffee and doing little things for each other to show that we appreciate them and we really care. My family is the most important thing to me and im really lucky that we dont have too many problems so i can always count on it being a place i can fall back on when ive had a bad day and need to just have a break.

Media Source: These people celebrate their orientation. They celebrate being able to show affection for the people the care to be with and not being arrested to excecuted for being that way. I think that gay people also appreciate the people that accept them for being homosexul and having it not make a differnce to them becuase its whats on the inside that counts the most.

Applied: We had a potluck in class to show how much we apprecaite each other and celebrated by all bringing in food that we like. This also shows diversity =] we all brought in dishes that we really enjoy and want to share with other people.

It was recently my mom's birthday and we celebrated that. Also when i babysit we celebrate little things. Like when they can count to 50 or when they read a whole sentence perfectly. Its the little things that we celebrate that keep the families functioning and keep our friendships tight.

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Building Social Capitol
Friday. 3.16.07 10:37 pm

Media Source:


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Friday. 3.16.07 10:36 pm
Preflection/Reflection: I think diversity is really important to any community. If we were all the same skin tone and all liked the exact same things, then our world would be a boring place. But when everyone has a different nationality or family traditions, then it becomes more interesting and much more of a learning experience for everyone. I really like chinese food and japanese food, but if people from china and japan never came to america i would never know what chinese food or japanese food tasted like. Diversity also helps our government. We learn from other people that have grown up in different places and we count on them to make contributions to the government to make it a smoothly functioning place. We also study other peoples governments to hopefully get some hints to run ours better. Diversity also teaches people to be more accepting. If we didnt see colored people and people wearing quirky clothes everyday, we would not accept it when we did every once in a while. All around diversity truly helps everyone as an individual and it helps us as a world.

Media Source:

Applied: In events committee it is good that we have diversity becuase then the parties can have a variety of things. The events we plan can be a wider variety of activities to attract all kind of people from our school. Although not many people acutally come to anything we do. But we try and accomidate everyone's interests by having many different types of music and have a variety of movies to choose from at movie nights.

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Friday. 3.16.07 10:30 pm
Media Source:

This shows a girl mentoring another younger girl.

Preflection/Reflection: Mentoring is a really big aspect of my life. I talk to people that do things in the area I want to work in to get insight on what that job is really like. But mentoring isnt all about work and professionalism. It can be about anyone you look up to. My parents are my mentors in life. They show me right from wrong and when i have a problem i can go to them and talk it out and get advice.

Applied: I was having trouble with a few people about a week ago. I didnt know what i should do so i talked to my mom and she helped me write an email that was apropriate to this girl that explained my side of the story. I look up to my mom in particular quite alot. She can somehow handle being an elementary school teacher, going back for a math degree, and has time to spend on herself and our family. I wish i could be like that so i take tips from her and try to become such a good person like her.

Also i feel i am a mentor to all of the kids i babysit. They look up to me and i help them learn how to make the right decisions and learn how to do things as they are growing up. I have babysat for this one family for 5 years, since their boy was born, he probably thinks of me not only like just the babysitter but as part of the family. He looks up to me and trys to be like me. I am not only a role model but I am a mentor.

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Active Listening
Friday. 3.16.07 7:43 pm
Preflection: I think active listening is probably one of the most important things for anyone to learn and succeed at. Without active listening nothing would ever be completed in our world. We do it every day all day. A conversation is an example of active listening because if you just talked and didnt listen to what the other person had to say there would be no conversation. You have to state your opinion and then listen to what somone else has to say and then respond to it.

Reflection: Im not sure we talked about this in depth either in class, but i did write about this one in my journal for Terrys class, I focused on it quite alot first quarter and found that when i took notes it helped me actively listen even better. I didnt always raise my hand to answer questions becuase i didnt usually know the answers..but when i took notes it helped me study later and understand the concepts that were covered during class that day.

Media Source: http://www.studygs.net/listening.htm

This website tells the process of how to effectively listen and be an active member of the conversation!

How i Used: I use it all the time, every day!

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US violations of Human Rights
Wednesday. 2.7.07 11:24 am
Media Source: The link Mary sent us in our emails.

Preflection: Well, this report suprised me alot, I can't believe our government would do those kinds of things and the public wouldnt be very aware of it. This report talks about shackling women when they are giving childbirth in prison. Just because they are felons or have done something wrong doesnt mean that they shoudlnt have good conditions to give birth in. Everyone is the same physically and it isnt going to hurt them any less having a baby, so they should be able to have equal conditions to give birth in, even if it is heavily guarded and protected in the prison. There is no reason they should be restrained while they are in labor. Also, it talks about how some of the police officers have tortured their suspects. Yeah, the suspects werent too innocent themselves probably, but that does not call for the police officer to torture them. Then the courts didnt sentence him to be excecuted. Of all the other people that get executed for less serious reasons, youd think that he would too. One other thing that really suprised me was that some jueniles are put in prison with a life sentence and no chance to ever get out on parole. Many kids make mistakes but their whole life shouldnt be shoved down the drain because of what they did at 15 or 16. If you put those kids in prison for 10 years they would see that it is not worth it to get back out and do what they did to get them in there. They will see that it would be a waste to sit in prison for the rest of their life, and hopefully would get out and turn themselves around with the help of a parole officer.

Reflection: We really didnt talk about this too in deapth in class..but from what we did talk about, it really followed closely to what my thoughts were. Really no one thought it was right that the government was doing this..and no one really knew it was going on to this extent until we read the article.

How I used this: I told my family about it and none of them had any idea it was going on either..so it was a really good discussion started and I knew lots of facts about it so i felt like i could be an active member of the conversation.

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State of the Union Address
Wednesday. 1.31.07 10:53 am
Preflection - Well, I'd like to first say that i don't support Bush. I think he has no idea what is really going on in our country because he chooses to look the other way. Statistics can be manipulated way out of proportion to say exactly what you want them to say. At first he talked about our economy and how our unemployment is at an all time low. Well this does not line up to what we have been learning in sociology. According to what we have learned in that class, the homeless count is growing and there are lots of people that don't make enough to even get out of a shelter. So i guess Bush could be correct, that the unemployment is down but at the same time, the people at are working aren't making enough to get them to a point where they can even get a home. That is something he probably knows about but just chooses not to talk about. Also, just after listening to all his plans, it makes me think that yeah it is a good plan, but how good is it going to work? He talk about getting our country out of debt in five years. But then goes on to say we are going to make new technological advances with other sources of power so we don't have to be dependent on the middle east for oil. That is going to cost a lot of money. Also he was talking about more things going on in other countries to help them out. That is going to cost us even more money and in order to get rid of a debt, you have to first stop spending unnecessarily and start putting the money into things that are short of money.
The one thing i did think was a really good idea that he talked about was the immigration from Mexico and other countries. how they could have a temporary pass into our country so they don't have to spend so much time trying to catch people that sneak in, and can put more attention on drug smugglers and terrorists.
The only problem i see in this, is when people get a temporary pass IN, how will we make sure they get OUT when their time is up?

Reflection: Most of what we talked about in class today fell right in with what i thought before class. Most of the people were saying they didnt think Bush would be able to carry out all of these plans hes talking about and save us money. If he carried out all his plans..it would cost us MORE money! I thought it was really cool to see the money counter that Alex brought up in class so we could see how much money we are in debt as a country. It is going to be our generation that has to get us out of it and we need to learn all we can now to do the best job later.

Media Source: State of the Union Address

How I used it: It will help me later in history classes or when I get in discussions with friends so i know accuartely what I am saying.

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Reflection and Evaluation
Thursday. 12.14.06 9:04 pm
Preflection: I think that reflection is when you do something whether it be bad or good. Then later think about it and think of the pros and cons about what it was. As an example reflecting on a presentation. You can get up there and do the best you can and then when you are done you can think about what you can do better next time and what you did good this time. Evaluation ties in really closely with Reflection. You can evaluate your preformance or whatever it is that you want to evaluate and reflect on it to see what you could improve next time and apply that to the next time.

Reflection: Well we didnt have class on this subject, but I think if we did, my preflection could end up being quite accurate.

Media Source: This blog is my media source. In here i reflect and evaluate on what we talk about in class. This shows all my preflections before class, and my reflections after class and i evaluate what we talk about to make it mean more to me.

How I used it: We had a presentation in front of the toxics people on wednesday at highline. and after i was done presenting, i went over how i thought i did, and i definetly thought of some things that i know i can do better next time. but im not really that good at public speaking, and i know i projected myself well during this presentation and i remained in eye contact with the people.

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